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With balanced performances, Canton boys, Avon girls retain NCCC titles – The Collinsville Press
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With balanced performances, Canton boys, Avon girls retain NCCC titles

Avon's Carly Regalado, left, SMSA's Eugenia Weaver, center, and Canton's Lucy Tanner, right, leap the hurdles in the final of the 100 high hurdles at the NCCC championship meet. Weaver won with Tanner second, Regalado took fourth.

Avon’s Carly Regalado, left, SMSA’s Eugenia Weaver, center, and Canton’s Lucy Tanner, right, leap the hurdles in the final of the 100 high hurdles at the NCCC championship meet. Weaver won with Tanner second, Regalado took fourth.

ELLINGTON, May 27 – The rest of the track and field teams in the North Central Connecticut Conference are probably not very happy with the residents of the town of Canton.

Why? The Canton High boys track and field team won four consecutive NCCC Tournament championships from 2010-13 without having a track and field facility on campus. The only time that Canton could practice pole vault, discus or high jump would be during an actual event or a few times during the season at a nearby school.

Last spring, Canton voters approved building a new athletic complex that included a track. It opened last November and this spring, the Warriors had their own track and field facility where they could practice five days a week.

With depth across the board, Canton won its fifth straight NCCC Tournament championship Tuesday with a 157½-123½ win over Ellington. It also clinched a fourth consecutive NCCC championship for the Warriors.

Keith Wilson led the Warriors with victories in the 200 and 400 meters and a close second in the 100 meters. Cam Daley won the javelin and 300 hurdles and was second in the 110 high hurdles.

Enfield’s Tyrik Henry won three individual events. He won the long jump and swept the 100 meters and 110 high hurdles. Henry ran two races (100, 110 high hurdles) in a matter of about 10 minutes. Avon’s Jake Sartain swept the high jump and triple jump while taking second in the long jump. Ellington’s Jordan Dixon swept the 1,600 and 3,200 meters.
Enfield's Tyrik Henry leads Canton's Keith Wilson, right, Suffield's Jarvis Miller and Canton's Colin Martin, left in the 100 meters finals at the NCCC championships.

Enfield’s Tyrik Henry leads Canton’s Keith Wilson, right, Suffield’s Jarvis Miller and Canton’s Colin Martin, left in the 100 meters finals at the NCCC championships.

On the girls side, Avon won its second straight NCCC Tournament and clinched its third NCCC championship in the past five seasons with a balanced effort across the board. Avon beat Suffield by over 25 points, 141½ to 116.

Avon junior Maddi McHugh won 400 and 800 meters and ran the anchor lead on Avon’s winning 4×400 relay team. She is believed to be the first Avon girl to capture three first medals in a single day at the league championship meet.

Stafford freshman Cassidy Palmer set two new league meet records in sweeping the 100 and 200 meters. Stafford’s Jasmine Murray swept the shot put and discus, setting a new league record in the shot. East Windsor’s Marrissa Simonelli also won a pair of events, capturing the high jump and triple jump.

Canton’s sophomore Lucy Tanner set a new league meet record when she won the 300 meter hurdles.

“Canton is good,” Ellington coach Peter Corbett said. “It’s easy to say they have Keith Wilson. But clearly, there is a cast around him. They’re a well-balanced team.”

Canton scored in 16 of 18 events – only missing out in the high jump and the 4×800 relay when they were disqualified for a lane violation. “I like to win but it’s nice to win with balance and so many kids having a part in winning the meet,” Canton coach Tim O’Donnell said.

Devon Glasson won the shot and was third in discus while teammate Colin Martin was second in the triple jump, fifth in the long jump and sixth in the 100 meters. James Yost was second in the 1,600 meters and fifth in the 3,200 meters. His twin brother, Dean, was fifth in the 800 and 1,600 meters.

Canton athletes were second, third and fifth in the discus. In the 400 meters, they took first, third and sixth place. In the 200, Wilson and Nico Tucillo swept the first two spots.

Avon's Maddi McHugh leads Granby's Cynthia Jones and teammate Sara Stokesbury in the 800 meters at the NCCC tournament.

Avon’s Maddi McHugh leads Granby’s Cynthia Jones and teammate Sara Stokesbury in the 800 meters at the NCCC tournament.

McHugh led a balanced Avon squad that received points in 17 of 18 events. Kaely Quijano won the pole vault with her sister, Kiely taking third. The Falcons won the 4×800 and 4×400 relays.

Molly Hamel took second in the 3,200 meters and third in the 1,600 meters. Erin Sherman was third in the javelin, fourth in the discus and seventh in shot. Carly Regalado was second in the 300 hurdles and fourth in the 100 hurdles. Chamiyah Rowland was third in the 100, Tara Shayler was fourth in the 200, Karina Bucci was seventh in the long jump, Caroline Rendeiro was tied for fourth in the high jump and Maeve Reiss was second in the triple jump.

The only event Avon was shut out of was the 4×100 relay when they were disqualified for a lane violation. Avon actually finished third in the race.

“It was a nice well-rounded effort,” Avon coach Al Dadario said. “Talentwise, we have a few exceptional athletes. However, different girls picked it up today to lead us to the victory. It’s a very satisfying victory to beat Suffield.”

With the win in the league championship meet, Avon clinched the NCCC title. Team earns one point for each dual meet victory and one point for each team they beat at the league championship. On the boys side, Canton clinched its fourth straight league championship with the victory.


Team scores: 1. Avon 141½, 2. Suffield 116, 3. Granby 102, 4. Stafford 75, 5. Canton 69½, 6. East Windsor 49, 7. Ellington 40, 8. SMSA 38, 9. East Granby 26, 10. Coventry 18, 11. Somers 12, 12. Windsor Locks 8, 13. Bolton 4, 14. Enfield 3
At Ellington
4×800  — Avon (Hannah Carpino, Sarah Kate Mascoli, Risa Lewis, Sara Stokesbury) 10:11.28, Suffield 10:22.08, Ellington 10:29.27, Canton 10:36.06, Coventry 10:47.77, Granby 11:03.26
4×100  — Suffield (Kira Bourret, McKayla Hoover, Brittany Champagne, Apeal Sterling) 51.76, SMSA 51.86, Canton 52.84, East Windsor 52.98, Stafford 54.11, Granby 56.35
100  — Cassidy Palmer (Stafford) 12.40, new meet record. Old record C. Jones, Ellington, 12.67, 2011; Joy Padgett (SMSA) 12.58, Chamiyah Rowland (Avon) 13.29, Brianna Hoyt (Granby) 13.39, Brittany Champagne (Suffield) 13.60, Megan Hoyt (Windsor Locks) 13.81
200  — Cassidy Palmer (Stafford) 25.52, new meet record. Old record: C. Jones, Ellington, 26.11, 2011; Joy Padgett (SMSA) 26.60, Brianna Hoyt (Granby) 27.39, Tara Shayler (Avon) 27.75, Megan Hoyt (Windsor Locks) 27.81, Brittany Champagne (Suffield) 27.93
400  — Maddi McHugh (Avon) 58.96, Alex Martin (Canton) 1:03.19, Amber Harraden (Canton) 1:03.22, Jennifer Koo (Avon) 1:03.91, McKayla Hoover (Suffield) 1:04.30, Morgan Beatty (East Granby) 1:05.35
800  —  Maddi McHugh (Avon) 2:28.07, Cynthia Jones (Granby) 2:28.73, Kaela Maloney (Stafford) 2:29.69, Jenna Giacalone (Ellington) 2:30.25, Raquel Pouliot (Coventry) 2:30.52, Sara Stokesbury (Avon) 2:30.90
1,600  — Cynthia Jones (Granby) 5:15.41, Catherine Pinson (Granby) 5:21.36, Molly Hamel (Avon) 5:24.69, Lauren Izabel (Suffield) 5:34.60, Eliza Chekas (Canton) 5:39.28, Katie Lee (Ellington) 5:41.31
3,200  — Catherine Pinson (Granby) 11:50.89, Molly Hamel (Avon) 12:01.40, Leah Cawthorn (Ellington) 12:14.86, Monique Labarre (Suffield) 12:32.35, Eliza Chekas (Canton) 12:35.27, Christina Martin (Avon) 12:39.05
100 hurdles  — Eugenia Weaver (SMSA) 16.71, Lucy Tanner (Canton) 16.92, Anna Larochelle (Suffield) 16.92, Carly Regalado (Avon) 16.98, Sam Eaton (East Granby) 17.36, Kendall Comstock (East Granby) 17.52
300 hurdles  —  Lucy Tanner (Canton) 47.34, new meet record. Old record: K. Hartv, Ellington, 47.42, 2005; Carly Regalado (Avon) 48.23, Cassandra Miller (Granby) 48.77, Anna Larochelle (Suffield) 49.46, Sam Eaton (East Granby) 50.77, Sarah Savage (Somers) 51.46
Shot  — Jasmine Murray (Stafford) 37-6, new meet record. Old record: K. Myers, Coventry, 36-3½, 2010; Erin McGann (Suffield) 32-0, Anna Austin (Stafford) 31-1½, Alexis Daley (Ellington) 30-10, Emily Uhl (Granby) 29-7, Alli Carson (Suffield) 29-5
Discus  — Jasmine Murray (Stafford) 111-5, Gabrielle Ladany (East Windsor) 90-0, Emily Uhl (Granby) 87-9, Erin Sherman (Avon) 84-10, Kassandra Wilk (SMSA) 81-7, Alexis Daley (Ellington) 77-8
Javelin – Emily Uhl (Granby) 107-01, Alli Carlson (Suffield) 93-5, Erin Sherman (Avon) 92-1, Casey Tobin (East Granby) 86-01, Erin McGann (Suffield) 85-0, Colleen Longley (Granby) 82-9
Long jump  —  Daisia Walker (East Windsor) 16-5, Apreal Sterling (Suffield) 15-8, Emily Kopec (Stafford) 15-4, Dinea Frasca (Somers) 15-3½, Emily Mitchell (Canton) 15-3, Kelsey Sgarlata (Ellington) 14-11½
High jump  — 1. Marissa Simonelli (East Windsor) 5-3, 2. Shannon Ryan (Granby) and Erin Kost (Suffield) 4-10, 4. Caroline Rendeiro (Avon) and Anna Smith (Stafford) 4-19, 6. Kaleigh Sherman (Avon) 4-10
Triple jump – Marissa Simonelli (East Windsor) 32-8, Maeve Reiss (Avon) 31-9½, Kelsey Sgarlata (Ellington) 31-6, Caelee Sorto (Suffield) 31-1, Lexie Hanrath (Coventry) 30-10, Amber Harraden (Canton) 30-9½
Pole vault  —  Kaely Quijano (Avon) 9-0, Cassandra Looney (Suffield) 9-0, Kiely Quijano (Avon) 8-6, Meghan Clark (Suffield) 8-0, Emily Chouinard (Canton) and Emily Kopec (Suffield) 7-6
4×400  — Avon (Tara Shayler, Carly Regalado, Jennifer Koo, Maddi McHugh) 4:15.06, Granby 4:20.79, Canton 4:23.45, East Granby 4:27.27, Suffield 4:30.02, Coventry 4:33.34
2014 Final league standings
Teams get 1 points for each dual meet win and one point for each team they beat at the league meet: 1. Avon (13-0) 26 pts., 2. Suffield (12-1) 24, 3. Granby (11-2), 22, 4. Stafford (10-3) 20, 5. Canton (9-4) 18, 6. Ellington (8-5) and East Windsor (7-6) 15, 8. Coventry (6-7) 10, 9. Somers (5-8), East Granby (3-9) and SMSA (2-11) 8, 12. Bolton (2-9) 4, 13. Windsor Locks (0-12) 2 pts, 14. Enfield (1-12) 1 pt.
Team scores – 1. Canton 157½, 2. Ellington 123½, 3. Suffield 98½, 4. Avon 67, 5. East Windsor 46½, 6. Coventry 35, 7. Bolton and Enfield 33, 9. Windsor Locks 27, 10. Granby and Stafford 21, 12. Somers 17, 13. East Granby 15, 14. SMSA 7
4×800: — Bolton (Drew Monroe, James Fritsche, Trevor Chambers, Evan Jaworski) 8:24.66, Ellington 8:29.63, Suffield 8:48.38, Somers 8:53.05, East Windsor 8:53.71, Granby 8:58.62
4×100 – East Windsor (Damieon Russ, Dave Walker, Isaiah Davies, David Stanco) 45.03, Ellington 45.11, Granby 46.72, Suffield 46.84, SMSA 46.89, Stafford 47.30
100 – Tyrik Henry (Enfield) 11.53, Keith Wilson (Canton) 11.60, Jarvis Miller (Suffield) 11.62, Damieon Russ (East Windsor) 11.77, Alex Bouchard (East Windsor) 11.79, Colin Martin (Canton) 11.87
200 – Keith Wilson (Canton) 23.44, Nico Tuccillo (Canton) 23.54, Evan Edgar (Avon) 23.78, Alex Bouchard (Windsor Locks) 23.82, Damieon Russ (East Windsor) 23.90, Patrick Caruthers (Ellington) 24.02
400 – Keith Wilson (Canton) 50.78, Andrew Oliwa (Ellington) 51.61, Nico Tuccillo (Canton) 53.00, Brandon Bartus (Suffield) 54.25, Chris Milne (Coventry) 55.01, Augie Shaw (Canton) 55.35
800 – Evan Jaworski (Bolton) 2:04.31, Tim Daigle (Ellington) 2:06.21, Connor Ratte (Coventry) 2:07.43, Thomas MacKintosh (Ellington) 2:07.43, Dean Yost (Canton) 2:08.43, Kevin Bates (Granby) 2:09.45
1,600 – Jordan Dixon (Ellington) 4:32.56, James Yost (Canton) 4:35.94, Alex Norstrom (Coventry) 4:35.97, Patrick Begley (Suffield) 4:36.35, Dean Yost (Canton) 4:37.76, 6. Connor Ratte (Coventry) 4:51.50
3,200 – Jordan Dixon (Ellington) 10:09.98, Alex Norstrom (Coventry) 10:16.76, Patrick Begley (Suffield) 10:19.64, David Clavet (Ellington) 10:22.52, James Yost (Canton) 10:28.91, Thomas Arbeiter (Ellington) 10:38.61
110 high hurdles – Tyrik Henry (Enfield) 15.10, new meet record. Old record: David Kucia, Canton, 15.17, 2011; Cam Daley (Canton) 16.24, Dave Walker (East Windsor) 17.09, Jade-Roy Huntington (Windsor Locks) 17.51, Jordan McCray (Suffield) 17.51, Jeremy Baouche (Ellington) 18.09
300 hurdles – Cam Daley (Canton) 41.81, Jeremy Baouche (Ellington) 42.83, Dave Walker (East Windsor) 42.99, Jade-Roy Huntington (Windsor Locks) 43.29, Brian Law (Bolton) 44.16, Wyatt Campbell (Canton) 44.32
Long jump – Tyrik Henry (Enfield) 19-9, Jake Sartain (Avon) 19-5¾, Justin Reichler (Avon) 19-4½, Hunter Frasca (Somers) 19-2, Colin Martin (Canton) 19-0½, Luke Bilodeau (East Granby) 18-9¼
High jump – 1. Jake Sartain (Avon) 6-0, 2. Kerry McGeehan (Suffield) 5-10, 3. Taylor Stephen (Suffield) 5-8, 4. Michael Marion (Suffield) 5-8, 5. Mark Hickman (Ellington) 5-8, 6. Matt Moore (Stafford) 5-4
Triple jump – Jake Sartain (Avon) 41-9¾, Colin Martin (Canton) 39-6½, Luke Bilodeau (East Granby) 38-6½, Evan Edgar (Avon) 38-1½, Anthony Mottolese (Somers) 37-4¼, Chase Loricco (Coventry) 37-1¾
Discus – Jaime Stephen (Suffield) 134-0, John Graziano (Canton) 129-6, Devin Glasson (Canton) 125-11, Dan Gagnon (Ellington) 121-11, Will Briggs (Canton) 117-8, Deshaun Steer (East Windsor) 116-8
Shot – Devin Glasson (Canton) 43-3, Dan Gagnon (Ellington) 43-0, Quinten Permenter (Canton) 40-7, Justin Reichler (Avon) 40-0½, Jason Sebesta (Windsor Locks) 39-3½, Jason Davis (Enfield) 38-10½
Javelin – Cam Daley (Canton) 154-0, Ian Downey (Granby) 145-5, Dan Gagnon (Ellington) 144-4, Jaime Stephen (Suffield) 138-9, Jacob Ives (Stafford) 129-7, Jesse Ettiene (SMSA) 127-6
Pole vault – 1. Taylor Stephen (Suffield) 11-6, 2. Patrick Howard (Avon) 11-0, 3. Nicholas Topor (Ellington) and Kerry McGeehan (Suffield) 10-6, 5. David Stanco (East Windsor) 10-6, 6. Chalse Walbridge (Stafford) 10-0
4×400 — Ellington (Thomas MacKintosh, Tim Daigle, William Broding, Andrew Oliwa) 3:36.46, Canton 3:45.43, Bolton 3:47.01, Suffield 3:47.90, Coventry 3:52.72, Avon 3:56.08
2014 final league standings
Teams get 1 points for each dual meet win and one point for each team they beat at the league meet: 1. Canton (13-0) 26 points, 2. Suffield (12-1) and Ellington (11-2) 23, 4. East Windsor (10-3) and Avon (9-4) 19, 6. Coventry (6-7) 12, 7. Stafford (7-6) 11, 8. Somers (8-5), 9. Granby (5-8), Enfield (2-11), Bolton (2-9) 9, 12. Windsor Locks (2-10) 7, 13. East Granby (0-11-1) 1½, 14. SMSA (0-12-1) ½ point

Gerry deSimas, Jr., is the editor and founder of The Collinsville Press. He is an award-winning writer and has been covering sports in Connecticut and New England for more than 30 years. He was inducted into the New England High School Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2018.

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