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Eighteen area runners complete Boston Marathon in challenging conditions – The Collinsville Press
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Eighteen area runners complete Boston Marathon in challenging conditions

It was cold and windy at the start of the Boston Marathon Monday in Hopkinton, Mass. (Photo courtesy Boston Marathon)

BOSTON, April 16 – In literally miserable weather, 18 Farmington Valley runners completed the 122nd Boston Marathon Monday. It was raining all day and it was 35 degrees when the race began. Marathon officials said it was the coldest marathon in 30 years in Boston.

But runners are a special kind of athlete. They train long hours in all kinds of weather to be prepared for one of the most famous races on the planet.

West Simsbury’s Kyle Heubner, 23, was the fastest area runner in 2:50.02. He ran at Simsbury High and recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he helped organize the Penn running club.

Simsbury’s Shannon Siragusa, 43, was the top woman from the area in the race, finishing with a time of 3:01.31. That was good enough for a top 10 finish in the women’s 40-49 age division where she finished sixth. She was also the 100th woman to cross the finish line.

Peter Keyo, 37, was the top runner from Canton in the race with a time of 3:03.20. Even in tough conditions in Boston, it was faster than the 3:11.25 time he ran in October at the Hartford Marathon. Kevin Verge, 37, was the top runner from Avon with a time of 3:06.58.


Runner Age Time Of note
Kyle Heubner, West Simsbury 23 2:50.02
Shannon Siragusa, Simsbury 43 3:01.31 6th women, ages 40-44, 100th overall woman
Peter Keyo, Canton 35 3:03.20
Kevin Verge, Avon 37 3:06.58 46th runner from CT to finish
Joseph Zavalishin, Avon 44 3:13.47
Greg Gorowski, Simsbury 45 3:15.18
Dickson Suit, Avon 51 3:18.57
David Poppel, Burlington 53 3:31.05
Jill Donohue, Simsbury 47 3:45.40
Ian Sinclair, Avon 50 3:50.23
Patrick Fernald, Avon 46 3:54.42
Cathy Pearce, Avon 55 4:01.22
John Hanson, Burlington 61 4:03.26
Terence Crean, Farmington 65 4:27.26
Patrick Steigman, Canton 52 4:29.01
A.J. Zukowski, Canton 60 5:10.07
Tommy Collins, Farmington 42 5:11.11
Colin McRaney, Simsbury 45 5:38.17

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