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Republicans maintain control of Town Council, Board of Finance in Avon – The Collinsville Press
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Republicans maintain control of Town Council, Board of Finance in Avon

AVON, November 5 – Led by chair Heather Maguire who received the most votes, Republicans maintained their control of the Town Council in voting by town residents on Tuesday.

Republican incumbents Maquire, James Spiech and Jeff Benetich each won re-election to the Town Council. Democrats Anthony Weber and Dan Polahmus earned seats on the Council for the first time. Polahmus beat Republican Kenneth Kirk by eight votes for the fifth and final seat.

Because the race was so close, there will be a recount the Town Council votes on Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 8:30 a.m., according to Town Clerk Ann Dearstyne. State law automatically calls for a recount when the margin of victory is 20 votes or less, Dearstyne said.

Voting was tight in many races, including the Town Council. There was just an 83-vote difference from being the No. 2 votegetter (Weber) and earning a seat on the Town Council and finishing seventh. Democrat Charles Harvell was seventh but he was just 22 votes shy of earning a spot on the Town Council.

If the initial results stand, the Republicans will maintain a 3-2 advantage on the Town Council. For the past two years, the Republicans enjoyed a 4-1 edge.

The last time that there was a recount in Avon was in 2009, according to Dearsytne, when Democrat David Pena and Republican William Hooper vyed for a seat on the Town Council. The two candidates were tied after the recount. Pena won a special election to earn the seat on the Town Council.

Incumbents Cathy Salchert, a Democrat, and Tom Harrison, the Republican chair, won re-election to the Board of Finance. Democrat Ellen Retelle was elected for her first term. Republican incumbent Dean Hamilton finished 29 votes shy of retaining a seat on the Board of Finance.

With Retelle’s election, Democrats picked up one additional seat on the Board of Finance but the Republicans will still hold a 4-3 advantage.

On the Board of Education, four Democratic incumbents won re-election – Jackie Blea, Debra Chute, Jason Indomenico and Laura Young. Republican Lisa Seminar won to earn a seat on the BOE. The Democratic advantage on the Board was cut by one to 5-4.

Unofficial voting totals as provided by the Secretary of State’s office.

Town Council (Vote for 5)

Candidate Votes
*Heather Maguire, R, incumbent 3,131
*Anthony Weber, D 2,814
*James Speich, R, incumbent 2,777
*Jeff Bernetich, R, incumbent 2,771
Dan Polhamus, D 2,753
Kenneth Birk, R 2,745
Charles Harvell, D 2,731


Board of Finance (Vote for 3)

Candidate Votes
*Cathy Salchert, D, incumbent 2,735
*Tom Harrison, R, incumbent 2,696
*Ellen Retelle, D 2,687
Wendy Tangman, D 2,662
Dean Hamilton, R, incumbent 2,658


Board of Education (Vote for 5)

Candidate Votes
*Debra Chute, D, incumbent 2,905
*Jackie Blea, D, incumbent 2,868
*Laura Young, D, incumbent 2,853
*Jason Indomenico, D, incumbent 2,830
*Lisa Seminara, R 2,751
Houston Putnam Lowry, D, incumbent 2,598
Greg Wolfe, R 2,565
Randall Bowers, R 2,473


Board of Assessment Appeals, full term (Vote for 3)

Candidate Votes
*Sandra Williams, R 2,782
*Jeff Maguire, R 2,754
*Kimberly Kersey, D 2,712
Stephen Hunt, R, incumbent 2,601
Bob Yass, D 2,547

Board of Assessment Appeals, 2 year term

Candidate                                                  Votes
*Adelina Cirikovic, R                                3,108


Zoning Board of Appeals (vote for 3)

Candidate Votes
*Eileen Carroll, D, incumbent 2,958
*Eileen Reilly, R 2,931
*Christy Yaros, D 2,775
Andrew Bloom, R, incumbent 2,744


Gerry deSimas, Jr., is the editor and founder of The Collinsville Press. He is an award-winning writer and has been covering sports in Connecticut and New England for more than 30 years. He was inducted into the New England High School Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2018.

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