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Voters make their choices in municipal elections

Municipal elections were held Tuesday in Avon and Canton. On the Town Council in Avon, four incumbents were re-elected with Republican Jeff Bernetich beating two Democratic challengers by 36 and 74 votes, respectively, to earn the fifth seat on the Council. Incumbent Democrat David Pena had the most votes with 2,738 but Republicans will hold a 4-1 advantage on the Council.

In Canton, two open seats on the five-person Board of Selectmen were won by incumbent Republican William Canny and Democrat William Volovski. Canny won the most votes among candidates for the Board of Selectmen with 1,144. Volovski was second with 1,069. Republican Larry Minichiello was not re-elected to the board, missing out by 66 votes.

Complete results from both towns are listed below.


Town Council
Vote for 5

x-David Pena (i) Democrat 2,738
x-Heather Maguire (i) Republican 2,717
x-Bill Stokesbury (i) Republican 2,480
x-James Speich (i) Republican 2,421
x-Jeff Bernetich Republican 2,376
Kimberly Pereira Democrat 2,340
Barbara Ausiello Democrat 2,302


Board of Finance
Vote for 4

x-Kenneth Birk Republican 2,444
x-Katrina Marin Democrat 2,421
x-Cathy Durdan (i) Republican 2,414
x-Margaret Bratton (i) Republican 2,397
Ellen Retelle Democrat 2,280
Catherine L. Salchert Democrat 2,312


Board of Education (full term)
Vote for 4

x-Jay Spivak (i) Democrat 2,874
x-Jeffrey Fleischman Republican 2,630
x-Bogdan Oprica Republican 2,622
x-David Cavanaugh Republican 2,602


Board of Education (two-year term)
Vote for 1

x-Jason Indomenico (i) Democrat 2,320
Stephen Hunt Republican 2,056


Zoning Board of Appeals (two years)
Vote for 2

x-Eileen Carroll Democrat 2,807
x-Andrew Bloom Republican 2,459
John Boulle Republican 2,222


Zoning Board of Appeals (full term)
Vote for 2

x-Chester Bukowski Democrat 2,607
x-Ames Shea Republican 2,648


Board of Assessment Appeals
Vote for 1

x-Venkat Anupoju Republican 2,661


Board of Assessment Appeals (full term)
Vote for 2

x-Norman Sondheimer Democrat 2,601
x-Richard Connel Republican 2,622

x-won election


Board of Selectmen
Vote for 2

x-William Canny (i) Republican 1,144
x-William Volovski  Democrat 1,069
Gail Deutsch Democrat 1,016
Larry Minichiello (i) Republican 1,003


Board of Finance
Vote for 3

x-Brian First (i) Republican 1,504
x-Jennifer Rottkamp Republican 1,419
x-Sarah Faulkner Democrat 1,386


Board of Education
Vote for 3

x-Julie Ausere (i) Republican 1,138
x-Maria Bradley (i) Republican 1,135
x-Ana Cavanaugh (i) Democrat 1,097
Jack Powell (i) Democrat 1,041
Ryan O’Donnell Republican 943
Michael Pendell Democrat 837


Board of Assessment Appeals
Vote for 1

x-Brad Parliaman Republican 1,475


Vote for 4

x-Carlene Rhea Democrat 1,098
x-Daniel Barnhart Republican 1,074
x-Carrie Sinish Democrat 1,058
x-Charles Hammond Democrat 1,054
Karen Berry Republican 1,011
Greg Boyko Republican 938
Gregory Sims Democrat 989
Harriet Boyko Republican 888

x-won election

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