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Falcons finishing strong as regular season draws to a close

Avon’s Yasmin Rensch races to the finish line in the 400 meters in Tuesday’s dual meet with Farmington.

AVON, May 17, 2022 – As the dual meet portion of the track and field season comes to close, the Avon High track and field program is working to peak for the upcoming CCC and state tournament meets with several school record performances.

The Avon boys team closed out the dual meet season with a 95-54 victory over Farmington on Tuesday while the Falcon girls fell to Farmington, 83.3 to 66.7.

The boys team won 11 of 17 events against Farmington with Isaiah Adams (100, 300 hurdles) and Paul Netland III (110 high hurdles and triple jump) each winning two individual events and Adams running on the winning 4×100 meter relay team.

Netland set a new school record in the 110 hurdles with his winning time of 15.35. The win over Farmington lifts Avon to a 3-4 record.

The sprint medley relay (200, 200, 400, 800) team of Adams, Jevonte Eaves, Netland and Carver set a new school record in that event after the dual meet was completed.

In the girls meet, Farmington’s Sarah Warden had three individual wins in field events to lead the River Hawks to the victory. Katelyn Cifaldi had a pair of wins for the Falcons (1-6) in the triple jump and 100 hurdles.

Romona Scott, Julia Freeman, Yasmin Rensch and Katelyn Westerberg each won individual events for Avon, who won the 4×100 and 4×400 relays as well.

The girls sprint medley relay team of Natalie Ith, Freeman, Romona and Mareen Ek also set a new school record in an exhibition run after the dual meet was completed.

Farmington’s Anna Weygang leads the way in during the 3,200 meters during Tuesday’s meet in Avon.

An Avon High boys relay team set another school record at the 54th annual Glenn D. Loucks Games in White Plains, N.Y., last week.

Avon’s Distance Medley relay team (Luke Hester, Isaiah Adams, Jevonte Eaves, Carver Morgan) set a new school record by winning the Open Division with a time of 10:39.41, snapping the old record set in 1982 (10:43.95).

The four legs of the Distance Medley are 1,200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters and 1,600 meters. Hester ran the 1,200 meters in 3:21.55, Adams ran the 400 meters in 51.64, Eaves had a time of 2:02.73 in the 800 meters and Morgan closed out the relay with a time of 4:23.80 in the 1,600 meters.

In the East Coast Division, which contained faster teams, Avon would have finished sixth.

Morgan returned to White Plains and the Loucks Games on Saturday, running the mile in one of the deepest fields in the Northeast so far this season. He finished third in 4:15.03 — a new personal best, the second fastest time in school history and a time that qualifies him for the upcoming national championship event in June in New York or Oregon.

At the Greater Hartford Invitational, Katrina Frez finished tied for seventh in the pole vault with a season-best leap of eight feet to secure her spot in the Class MM tournament.

Avon will be participating in the CCC West championship meet at Avon on Monday in West Hartford, beginning at 1 p.m.

Avon 95, Farmington 54
At Avon
100: Isaiah Adams (A) 11.63, Michael Sama (F) 11.71, Aidan Baghdassarian (A) 11.88
200: Michael Sama (F) 23.68, Carver Morgan (A) 23.72, Jevonte Eaves (A) 24.25
400: Jevonte Eaves (A) 53.00, Adarsh Rajamanickam (A) 54.86, Thatcher Gorman (F) 57.11
800: Jack O’Donnell (A) 2:08.61, Tristan Coronado (F) 2:16.98, Owen White (A) 2:27.07
1,600: Nicholas Bailey (A) 4:44.22, Ian McLaughlin (A) 5:07.91, Matthew Green (F) 5:11.94
3,200: William Lancaster (A) 10:00.16, Lucas Hester (A) 10:21.71, Cole Trautman (A) 11:23.54
110 hurdles: Paul Netland III (A) 15.35, Seth Robbin (A) 21.41
300 hurdles: Isaiah Adams (A) 43.32, Paul Netland (A) 44.00, Oliver Lojewski (A) 48.16
4×100: Avon (Atticus Putt, Isaiah Adams, Oliver Lojewski, Aidan Baghdassarian) 46.35, Farmington 48.08
4×400: Avon (Nicholas Bailey, Adarsh Rajamanickam, Atticus Putt, Jack O’Donnell) 353.58, Farmington 4:09.37, Farmington B 4:09.68
4×800: Farmington (Tristan Coronado, Thatcher Gorman, Caleb Evans, Matthew Green) 10:18.19, Avon 10:36.52
Shot: Dominic Cassarino (F) 42-8, Nils Jerger (A) 37011, Rayyan Ahmed (F) 36-0
Discus: Dominic Cassarino (F) 101-2, Cameron Casey (A) 94-3, Rayyan Ahmed (F) 85-3
Javelin: Kaden Maccarone (F) 134-0, Cameron Casey (A) 130-4, Nils Jerger (A) 114-5
High jump: Dylan Landry (F) 5-2, 2. Isaiah Adams (A) 5-2, 3. Kevin Ives (F) 5-2
Pole vault: Thomas Yonkers (F) 11-0, Adam Maselek (F) 9-0, Michael Turner (A) 8-6
Long jump: Oliver Lojewski (A) 19-11, Cameron Casey (A) 18-9, Kevin Ives (F) 17-0
Triple jump: Paul Netland III (A) 37-11, Dylan Landry (F) 34-10, Daniel Hawley (F) 35-8½
Records: Avon 3-4

Farmington 83.3, Avon 66.7
At Avon

100: Romona Scott (A) 13.62, Brooke Jones (F) 13.8, Natalie Ith (A) 13.87
200: Julia Freeman (A) 27.33, Romona Scott (A) 28.33. Ketki Patange (F) 28.71
400: Yasmin Rensch (A) 1:06.4, Hannah Sams (F) 1:07.94, Ketki Patange (F) 1:08.5
800: Elisa Hacker (F) 2:40.89, Sara Trautman (A) 2:41.83, Cara Szczepanski (F) 2:43.17
1,600: Hannah Stephenson (F) 5:19.83, Marenn Ek (A) 5:21.84, Anna Weygang (F) 5:33.48
3,200: Anna Weygang (F) 12:15.11, Ella Szczepanski (F) 13:29.19, Tara Pohorylo (F) 14:05.54
100 hurdles: Katelyn Cifaldi (A) 18.54, Stella Daniel (F) 19.68, Laura Hofmann (F) 19.71
300 hurdles: Katelyn Westerberg (A) 53.26, Rudra Kansara (F) 55.59, Linda Graves (A) 59.36
4×100: Avon (Julia Freeman, Lauren Firestone, Natalie Ith, Romona Scott) 53.22, Farmington 54.68
4×400: Avon (Yasmin Rensch, Autumn Wolf, Amelia Morrison, Sara Trautman) 4:37.60, Farmington 4:50.21
4×800: Farmington (Gemma Rourke, Ellisa Hacker, Hannah Stephenson, Cara Szczepanski) 12:18.49
Shot: Katrina Frez (A) 27-10, Maya Koster (F) 25-5, Rissalat Arouna (F) 25-1
Discus: Maya Koster (F) 88-7, Julia Chernyak (F) 75-6, Kalina Donor (F) 72-7
Javelin: Emma Serkosky (F) 94-8, Nichole Marunchak (F) 57-5, Norah Daniel (F) 57-3½
High jump: Sarah Warden (F) 4-10, 2. Erin Warden (F) 4-6, 2. Yasmin Rensch (A) 4-6, 2. Brenna Perusse (A) 4-6
Pole vault: Sarah Warden (F) 10-0, 2. Katrina Frez (A) 7-6, 3. Julia Freeman (A) 7-6
Long jump: Sarah Warden (F) 14-10½, Erin Warden (F) 14-6, Katelyn Cifaldi (A) 14-2
Triple jump: Katelyn Cifaldi (A) 29-10½, Daniela Lojewski (A) 26-0½, Alana Harty (F) 26-0
Records: Avon 1-6

Glenn Loucks Games
At White Plains, N.Y.

Open Division
1. Avon (Jevonte Eaves, Isaiah Adams, Jack O’Donnell, Carver Morgan) 10:39.41, 2. Westerly RI 10:47.81, 3. Haddam-Killingworth 10:56.29, 4. Mt. Ararat 10:59.62, 5. Hackley School 10:59.97
East Coast Division
1. Ridgefield 10:27.21, 2. Columbia 10:31.38, 3. Danbury 10:31.69, 4. Marshfield MA 10:31.96, 5. Hartford Classical 10:38.36

Gerry deSimas, Jr., is the editor and founder of The Collinsville Press. He is an award-winning writer and has been covering sports in Connecticut and New England for more than 40 years. He was inducted into the New England High School Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2018.

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