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Ten Avon runners finish Boston Marathon – The Collinsville Press
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Ten Avon runners finish Boston Marathon

Thousands were in Boston Monday for the 119th Boston Marathon although it was quite as sunny as this photo from a previous race. (Photo courtesy BAA)

Thousands were in Boston Monday for the 120th Boston Marathon.  (Photo courtesy BAA)

BOSTON, April 18 – On a warm and sunny afternoon, ten Avon residents completed the Boston Marathon led by Dickson Suit, who finished the 26.2-mile race with a time of 3:10.48.

Suit, 49, finished 3,003 in the field of more than 30,000 runners. Second among the Avon runners while Ian Sinclair, 48, who finished with a time of 3:29.31. Steve Scott, 61, was third with a time of 3:31.14.

The first woman finisher from Avon was 19-year-old Hannah Fusaro with a time of 3:50.38.

One runner from Canton finished the marathon – 26-year-old Kim Powell, who finished the race in 3:26.30. That was good enough for 6,626 place overall and 1,246 among the women.

Burlington’s Mary-Lynn Currier, who has won Canton’s Lobster Loop road race several times, finished the marathon in 3:09.02. She was the top runner from the Farmington Valley in 225th place among the women and 2,712th place overall.

Top area finishers                               Time
Mary Lynn Currier, Burlington, 52         3:09.02
Shannon Siragusa, Simsbury, 41          3:09.35
Dickson Suit, Avon, 49                          3:10.48
Greg Gorowski, Simsbury, 43               3:15.28
Patrick Sandefur, Burlington, 58            3:23.32
Kim Powell, Canton, 26                         3:26.20
Meghan Cunningham, Simsbury, 27     3:27.59
Ian Sinclair, Avon, 48                            3:29.31
Erika Wisniewski, Farmington, 42         3:29.46
David McHale, Simsbury, 55,                3:29.52
Lisa Riordan, Simsbury, 43                   3:29.57
Steve Scott, Avon, 61                            3:31.14
Kristen Sloan, Simsbury, 23                  3:39.08
Anna Hallum, Simsbury, 44                  3:44.22
Curt Pandiscio, Granby, 55                  3:45.59
Wendy Ku, Farmington, 36                  3:47.40
Hannah Fusaro, Avon, 19                    3:50.38
Sarah Wallace, Avon, 46                      3:51.05
Cathy Pearce, Avon, 53                       3:54.12
Kimberly Mancini, Avon, 44                  3:54.41
Randall Stephens, Simsbury, 57          3:58.08
Joy Sieklucki, Avon, 42                         4:02.00
Fernanda Jacobs, Avon, 48                 4:05.09
Susan Davies, Avon, 50                       4:05.09
Jill Donahue, Simsbury, 45                   4:07.07
Mira Skuka. Farmington, 46                 4:07.31
Laura Riley, Simsbury, 53                    4:21.23
Kimberly Russell, Granby, 31              5:02.49
Andrew Polio, Simsbury, 25                5:20.06
Sarah Polio, Simsbury, 30                   5:54.17
Tracy Saperstein, Simsbury, 50           5:54.58
Susan Fox, Farmington, 37                6:09.30

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