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Another record-setting run for Drago, Jones at Avon Road Race

The Avon Road Race attracts hundreds of runners each year. Nearly 250 ran this year.

The Avon Road Race attracts hundreds of runners each year. Nearly 250 ran this year. This photo is from the 2009 road race.

AVON, May 17 – It was a record-breaking day at the 2015 Avon Road Race. Two new course records were established on a beautiful Sunday morning. 

Avon’s John Drago, 24, won the 11th annual 3.1 mile race for the third time with a course record time of 15:42, shattering the record set in 2013 by Avon’s Marc Roabaczynski of 16:10.12. Drago regained the record he held from 2010 until Robaczynski broke it. In 2010, Drago ran a then-course record time of 16:18 as a 19-year-old college student. 

Drago won the race followed by Robaczynski, the defending two-time champion, in 16:16. Farmington’s Chris Chisholm, who won this race in 2007, was third in 16:40. 

On the women’s side, Avon’s Marisa Jones, 33, won the race for the second time in two years with a course record time of 18:02, breaking the record she initially set in 2013 of 18:10. Katie Esposito was second among the women in 17th place in 21:19 while Jessica Bettencourt took third among the women in 26th place and a time of 23:29. 

There were 249 runners that finished the race, the second lowest number of runners to complete the race in its 11-year run. Proceeds from the race benefit the Pine Grove School PTO. 

2015 Avon Road Race
At Avon

Overall results: 1. John Drago, Avon, 15:42 for 3.1 miles, new course record; 2. Marc Robaczynski, 16:16, 3. Chris Chisholm, 16:40, 4. Nathan Heggerty, 17:49, 5. Marisa Jones 18:02, 6. Bill Thramann, 18:58, 7. Alan Fosberry 19:19, 8. Dickson Suit, 19:28, 9. David Poppel, 19:41, 10. Jon Johnson, 19:43 

Woman top 10: 1. Marisa Jones (5th overall) 18:02, new course record; 2. Katie Esposito (17) 21:19, 3. Jessica Bettencourt (26) 23:29, 4. Alison Bartolucci (37) 24:09, 5. Summer Yule (44) 24:50, 6. Pam Rosow (51) 25:27, 7. Anna Ryan (52) 25:27, 8. Christina Bramson (54) 25:30, 9. Kristin Webster (56) 25:39, 10. Caroline Cappello (58) 25:41

Overall results and age group results

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