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Avon boys battle to a rare tie with Conard; Janes win two events for girls

WEST HARTFORD, May 8 – Jack Grady, Anish Rajamanickam and Thomas Howard each won two individual events as the Avon High boys track and field team battled to a 75-75 tie with Conard on Wednesday, the first tie since 1965 for the Falcons and just the second in team history.

Some key victories enabled Avon (2-3-1) to come away with a tie. Rajamanickam beat Conard’s Nathan Rinaldi by 0.5 of a second to win the 400 meters. The difference between first and second place was two points.

Thomas Ko beat Conard’s David Newman by 0.5 of a second to win the 300 meter hurdles while freshman Jack Martin beat Conard freshman Callum Sherry by 0.4 of a second to win the 1,600 meters with a time of 4:33.4 – a new freshman record at Avon High.

Grady swept the triple jump and high jump for the Falcons while Howard won the 110 hurdles and the pole vault. Rajamanickam captured the 400 meters and the long jump. He was second in a photo finish in the 200 meters and was part of Avon’s winning 4×400 relay team along with Tyler Hinrichs, Hari Patchgolla and Alvin Guo. Daniel Quick also won the shot for the Falcons.

Alison Janes won two events for the Avon High girls track and field team that fell to 1-5 with a 81-69 loss to Conard. Janes swept the shot and discus and was second in the javelin.

Tessa Hofheimer (javelin), Wren Worth (long jump), Sarah Lancaster (3,200), Rhiannon Richmond (1,600), Caroline Luby (800), Alyssa Crawford (400) and Cache Chisholm (100) won individual events for the Falcons.

The Falcons return to action on Saturday at the Greater Hartford Invitational in East Hartford. The final dual meet of the season is on Wednesday at rival Farmington.

Avon 75, Conard 75 (tie)
At West Hartford
4×800 relay: Conard (Tyler Remigino, Matteo Braga, John Dalton, Gavin Sherry) 8:39.9, Avon 9:47.5
4×100: Conard (Brenden Hill , John Gabinelle, Frank Nobou, Samuel Louden) 44.6, Avon 49.6
100: Brenden Hill (Co) 11.0, Thomas Howard (A) 11.1, Frank Nobou (Co) 11.5
200: Brenden Hill (Co) 22.2, Anish Rajamanickam (A) 22.5, Jack Mello (Co) 23.3
400: Anish Rajamanickam (A) 52.0, Nathan Rinaldi (Co) 52.5, Jack Mello (Co) 53.1
800: Gavin Sherry (Co) 2:00.1, Tyler Hinrichs (A) 2:04.1, Jack Martin (A) 2:06.3
1,600: Jack Martin (A) 4:33.4, Callum Sherry (Co) 4:33.8, Ian Sagers (Co) 4:36.3
3200: Tyler Remigino (Co) 9:54.7, Lucas Hester (A) 10:36.0, John Dalton (Co) 10:37.6
4×400: Avon (Anish Rajamanickam, Tyler Hinrichs, Hari Patchgolla, Alvin Guo) 3:40.1, Conard 3:59.9
110 hurdles: Thomas Howard (A) 15.3, Thomas Ko (A) 16.3, David Newman (Co) 18.2
300 hurdles: Thomas Ko (A) 44.5, David Newman (Co) 45.0, Yonas Getachew (Co) 46.6
Long jump: Anish Rajamanickam (A) 19-6.25, Thomas Howard (A) 19-03, Jack Grady (A) 18-10
Triple jump: Jack Grady (A) 38-0, Benjamin Giroux (Co) 37-7.75, Paul Netland III (A) 33-10
High jump: Jack Grady (A) 5-6, Ben Giroux (Co) 5-4, David Malugen (Co) 5-2
Javelin: Alexander Boehm (Co) 134-10, Evan Lawlor (A) 122-9, Ethan Smith (Co) 100-09
Shot: Daniel Quick (A) 37-5, Valeed Hussain (Co) 36-3.5, Devin Krisst (Co) 34-4.5
Discus: Devin Krisst (Co) 85-0, Ethan Smith (Co) 79-5, Evan Lawlor (A) 77-5
Pole vault: Thomas Howard (A) 10-0, Alexander Barnard (Co) 9-6, Liam Switzer (Co) 9-0
Records: Avon 2-3-1

Conard 81, Avon 69
At West Hartford
4×800: Conard (Liana Eisler, Chloe Scrimgeour, Julia Prescott, Katherine Flaherty) 10:37.0, Avon 10:38.7
4×100: Conard (Maeve D’Arcy, Bridge Bronsdon, Clare Gillis, Gianna Niman) 52.7, Avon 53.9
100: Cache Chisholm (A) 13.3, Bridget Bronsdon (Co) 13.3, Gianna Niman (Co) 13.5
200: Allison Schneider (Co) 27.3, Clare Gillis (Co) 27.4, Brynn Sherry (Co) 28.2
400: Alyssa Crawford (A) 1:04.0, Maeve D’Arcy (Co) 1:06.4, Chloe Scrimgeour (Co) 1:07.5
800: Caroline Luby (A) 2:41.2, Ellie Birkenruth (A) 2:44.1, Grace Flynn (Co) 2:46.0
1600: Rhiannon Richmond (A) 5:29.1, Liana Eisler (Co) 5:37.2, Sarah Lancaster (A) 5:52.8
3200: Sarah Lancaster (A) 12:41.8, Emma Buth (A) 13:25.8, Julia Prescott (Co) 13:29.3
4×400: Conard (Scrimgeour, Glynn, Ella Tanis, Schneider) 4:28.6, Avon 4:34.9
100 hurdles: Isabela Glynn (Co) 16.1, Gabriella Urso (Co) 17.7, Jillian da Costa Pinto (Co) 18.1
300 hurdles: Isabella Glynn (Co) 479, Gabriella Urso (Co) 51.6, Jillian da Costa Pinto (Co) 52.4
Long jump: Wren Worth (A) 13-9.5, Katrina Frez (A) 13-3, Julia Yanosy (Co) 13-3
Triple jump: Allison Schneider (Co) 33-8, Jenna Kopp (Co) 29-4, Wren Worth (A) 27-11
High jump: Jenna Kopp (Co) 4-2, Julia Yanosy (Co) 4-2, Cecilia Williams (Co) 4-2
Javelin: Tessa Hofheimer (A) 75-07, Alison Janes (A) 63-0, Aarya Gautam (Co) 48-10
Shot: Alison Janes (A) 25-5, Tessa Hofheimer (A) 24-0, Aarya Bautam (Co) 21-0
Discus: Alison Janes (A) 66-3, Tessa Hofheimer (A) 64-5, Aarya Bautam (Co) 60-0
Pole vault: Claire Ittleson (Co) 9-6, Ava Howard (A) 7-6, Katrina Frez (A) 7-0
Records: Avon 1-5

Gerry deSimas, Jr., is the editor and founder of The Collinsville Press. He is an award-winning writer and has been covering sports in Connecticut and New England for more than 40 years. He was inducted into the New England High School Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2018.

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